Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Reteti elephant sanctuary

‘My human family is at home,’ says the young Samburu mother, ‘but I’m also mother to another set of babies.’ She points to a herd of around a dozen young elephants. Some are tiny tots…

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Saving the Grevy’s zebra

Grevy's zebra - Samburu National Reserve

Magical, majestic and beautiful, the Grevy’s zebra is about as close as you’ll get to a unicorn on planet earth. And it’s SO rare that it is classified as ‘endangered’ on the IUCN (International Union…

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How Kenya is saving the African Wild Dog

African wild dog

African wild dogs, also known as painted wolves or Cape hunting dogs, have seen drastic population declines over recent decades. In this article from 2017, we looked at Kenya’s efforts to save the African wild…

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Sundowners on Pride Rock

Pride Rock

Pride Rock is not easy to reach. But the road to triumph is always tough, especially in the world of Walt Disney where many a frog must be kissed to reveal a prince. In this…

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