Horse riding in Kenya

Kenya horse riding safaris

Imagine galloping across the plains alongside a herd of giraffe, riding up to an elephant, or watching the migration unfold from your saddle. Enjoying a short ride or a full horseback safari in Kenya is…

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SkySafari Kenya Classic – SSKC

This exclusive flying safari showcases some of Kenya’s most famous and most diverse wilderness areas, while travelling ‘on the wing’ allows you to optimize every minute of your Kenya stay. Commencing in Amboseli, the Wings…

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Sundowners in Shaba National Reserve

Shaba National Reserve

There’s no better way to learn about the fascinating culture of the Samburu people than sitting down and chatting with warrior. And even better if it happens to be over a glass of chilled wine…

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Masai Mara Safari – KS4

For those with limited time looking for a value-added safari that highlights Kenya’s most famous sights, this is ideal. Showcasing the flamingos and rhinos of Lake Nakuru and a scenic drive down the Great Rift Valley, this road and…

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On safari in Buffalo Springs

Buffalo Springs National Reserve

In the central-northern part of Kenya there is a group of very special national parks. They’re so close together so you can explore then all on one trip. In this blog we explore Buffalo Springs,…

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A guided walking safari in Laikipia

Walking safari Laikipia

A walking safari in Laikipia makes a great way of seeing this enchanting region of Kenya; a great way of getting exercise too. A walking safari is also an unrivalled way of getting to know…

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Simba Safari – KS8A

‘Simba’ means ‘lion’ in Swahili. A budget safari that delivers optimum variety in the minimum time without sacrificing comfort and time on safari, this road safari features a selection of tried and tested safari lodges.…

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The Samburu

Samburu tribe Kenya

Kenya is a microcosm of Africa. People have migrated here from all over the African continent for centuries, and each incoming group has added to the cultural weave with a distinctive ethnic thread of their…

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Star Gazing

Star gazing in Loisaba

The destiny of mankind is painted in the stars. Or so they say. But this is not news to the people of Loisaba. They’ve known it all along. In this part of the world, the…

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