Kenyan tribes, cultural treasures

Kenyan tribes, cultural treasures

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A unique range of cultural experiences is guaranteed on a Kenyan holiday. Learn rhino tracking skills with your Maasai guide;
be enchanted by Samburu folk tales around the fire, and wander the sacred forests of the Mijikenda. Or just immerse yourself in
the sultry Swahili culture of the coast – famous for its carved doors, historic buildings, and coconut and seafood inspired cuisine.

Learn about the fascinating heritage of Kenyan tribes such as the Turkana, Pokot, and Rendille. Visit traditional villages and
engage with the vibrant weave of traditional dance, music, storytelling, and theatre. Explore the iron age sites of the Great Rift
Valley and the ruins of ancient civilizations. And find time to visit one of Kenya’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as Lamu
Old Town of Fort Jesus. But best of all, simply make new friends.

Check out our latest articles and featured tours and come on a journey to discover Kenyan tribes and cultures.

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