Amboseli: Kilimanjaro’s kingdom

Amboseli: Kilimanjaro’s kingdom

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Amboseli delivers the ultimate image: massively-tusked elephants posed against the legendary snows of Kilimanjaro. Compact and dotted with swamps in which hundreds of elephants love to wallow, it also promises the unusual sight of hippos arising from pelicanfilled lakes to walk the classic rolling savannah.

Hippo in papyrus swamp © Beverly Joubert

Amboseli at a glance

Towered over by Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, Amboseli is one of Kenya’s oldest and most-visited safari destinations. A place of rolling savannah, dense acacia forests, and huge papyrus swamps, its panoramic vistas make it revered by Hollywood professionals and amateur photographers alike.

Unrivaled for a glorious game and big cats
Amboseli is the stronghold of East Africa’s elephants. Around 1600 of the world’s largest elephants (in body size and tusk) roam the park and its surrounding conservancies. The park promises prime game viewing all year-round including buffalo, hyena, wildebeest, zebra, and giraffe. It also hosts numerous lion pride and is an excellent venue for cheetah spotting. Over 425 bird species have been recorded here, including over 40 species of birds of prey, amongst which are two great rarities, the Taita falcon and the southern banded harrier eagle

Essential Amboseli
> Climb Observation Hill for superb views of Kilimanjaro and unrivaled game-spotting.
> Visit the causeway drive – the finest place in Kenya to see hippos on land and in water.

Young Maasai herder © Stuart Butler
  • Factfile

    Location: Amboseli lies 230 km south of Nairobi, close to the Tanzanian border.

    Accommodation: Amboseli and its surrounding conservancies offer an unrivalled range of classic safari lodges, luxury tented camps, Maasai lodges and pocket-friendly campsites.

    How to get there: The park is easily accessed by road, and by air from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport.

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